Thursday, January 18, 2007

Jimmy Carter: terrorist stooge

For some time it has been known that ex-president Jimmy Carter has been a supporter of the Palestinians in their struggle against Israel. While he offers the occasional token support for democratic Israel, his true heart lies with a society that has fashioned itself as a terrorist pawn in the larger Jihadist movement. His latest book, Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid, and subsequent interviews makes his bias perfectly clear.

What most people suspected was that Carter was simply a doofus who bought into Arab propaganda about the perpetual mideast crisis. "If only they had some land to call their own" was and still is the popular mantra of this deception. Perhaps Carter was so generous with his tolerance that he truly believed in the nobility of Arab intentions, if not their words. Decades of terrorism later, he still hasn't changed his mind.

Lest he be cast as a lone villain, many others of his political persuasion hold similar views toward Israel and the Palestinians. It was assumed Carter was among the batch of useful idiots that couldn't distinguish a progressive democracy from a grotesque death cult. Perhaps this is still true, but it would seem another factor might be responsible for Carter's oversight of terrorist minor.

From the Belmont Club I came across this article by Alan Dershowitz that describes the Arab dollars that have made their way into Jimmy's pocket. Ex-presidents for sale is not uncommon, but it wasn't assumed the market included enemies of the West. Belmont Club commenter Cosmo put it perfectly:

Always follow the money. Always.

Some folks actually believe that opposition to the invasion of Iraq by Europe's political establishment and at the UN was animated by principle, instead of by fear of losing the lucrative organized crime concession they were running in Messopotamia.

Carter could have preserved his image of idealistic naif had he confined himself to Habitat For Humanity and similar endeavors following his disastrous presidency.

The national heart would by now have grown a warm spot for him and largely forgotten the cardigan sweaters and whiff of decline he brought to the planet's most important office.

But the longer he continued to insinuate himself into the national political scene, the more obvious his fraudulence has become.

* Read the Belmont Club post, it's an interesting look at how Washington is functioning more as the world's capital rather than America's.

Here's a terrific essay I posted a couple of years ago from Dershowitz on the legacy of terrorist Arafat.

Little Green Footballs has been all over Carter lately. This is only the last month:

- Jimmy Carter Interceded for Nazi Murderer

- Dershowitz to Rebut Carter at Brandeis

- Jimmy Carter on Al Jazeera: Palestinian Missiles Are Not Terrorism

- Former Carter Center Member: Jimmy Supports Palestinian Terrorism

- Mass Resignation at Carter Center

- Jimmy Carter and the Arab Lobby


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A statue of the 39th President, Jimmy Carter, was built in Springfield with the sign "Malaise Forever!" and was referred to as "History's greatest monster!".

It's like they knew...

1/19/2007 5:39 AM  
Anonymous Scot said...

That scene is turning eerily prophetic.

1/23/2007 1:15 PM  

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