Monday, November 22, 2010

Too bad they both didn't lose

I wasn't happy when Barack Obama won the presidency in 2008. With good reason it would appear as he is currently looking like the worst president since Jimmy Carter. Two thirds of the country thinks it's heading in the wrong direction, and after only two years on the job, even his own party has lost faith in him. At the bottom of the page of the first link is an interesting snapshot of articles on Obama. The change in tone is absolutely stunning. Two years ago there wasn't enough bandwidth to handle the avalanche of opinion pieces fawning over Obama. Now it's all anger:

Despite this, I'm still glad he won. His presidency may unwittingly deliver the bullet that finally bursts the socialist bubble, and maybe a few other bubbles on the way (media, university, Hollywood, etc.) Our over-regulated, excessively governed society is predicated on too many illusions to endure, and there is currently no better example of an illusion than Barack Hussein Obama.

Obama's victory also had the added bonus of preventing John McCain from occupying the Oval Office. It's easy to argue what his policies were going to be, or what direction he would have taken the country, but it's all mere speculation. What is less speculative is the bozo factor he would have brought to the office. Unlike the steam cleaning and general restoration of dignity to the office under George W. Bush, John McCain would have likely used it to amplify his fondness for this type of nonsense:

John McCain: Snooki 'Too Good Looking To Go To Jail'

John McCain Wishes Snooki Happy Birthday (A Week Early)



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