Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Indian sci-fi

What happens when you have a film budget of only $40 million dollars and you need a band of killer robots to cut a swath of destruction through a city? Enthiran, that's what.

This ten minute clip has been going viral due to the recent discovery of its terrible awesomeness. Released last year, the movie set the record for most expensive Indian movie ever made. Unfortunately, to non-Indian audiences especially, it comes off as a joke. The special effects technology not only looks 30 years old, it's clumsiness is wincing and unrealistic. In the audience demanding realms of action and sci-fi, this movie is eras behind Knight Rider and the A-Team.

Though technically not Bollywood (i.e. made in Mumbai), it stars Aishwarya Rai, Bollywood's famous beauty queen. Though quite possibly one of the most beautiful women ever, her talent and choice of vehicles belies the arrogant and aristocratic aura she presents. Her appearance on Letterman several years ago is a classic:

Far from burning Letterman, she presents herself as a dumb, rich, anti-American snob with little hope of endearing her forgiving hosts - who also happen to be her potential movie audiences. Sad proof that neither India's biggest movie, nor its biggest star, are anywhere near ready for the big time.


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