Wednesday, March 02, 2011


I came across a unique video of a hundred people, age one to one hundred, arranged from youngest to oldest:

Titled "Age," the video is actually the first of a four part series from Lenka Clayton and James Price called People in Order. Made in the U.K. during the mid 00's, each film arranges people in very simple, though very interesting, ways. The second video, "Birth," has 34 women in order of weeks of pregnancy; the third, "Love," 48 couples from the longest relationship to the shortest. The last video, "Home," breaks the chronological trend and instead orders people by annual income, 73 households from £400000 to £3240:

I have had a mournful interest in this British introspection since I became a fan of Michael Apted's fascinating Up series. Started by Paul Almond in 1964, the recurring documentary has followed the lives of fourteen people from age seven, checking in with those willing every seven years.

photo source

The pains and loses of aging that are so visible in these projects is the dying reflection of subjects giving the British Empire's final breaths.


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