Saturday, January 01, 2011

2010 music round-up

I usually refrain from making my own best of the year music lists as I probably won't know how good 2010 really was until about 2012-3. Like every year, I miss more great music than I hear. If I had to choose my favorite video of 2010, it would easily be "Tighten Up" by the Black Keys:

Song of the year? I couldn't resist this bit of electro-pop indulgence:

Pitchfork of course has an excellent year end round up, including the top hundred songs of the year, the top 50 albums, the best videos, and the worst album covers.

From Stereogum, a list of the 12 most nsfw videos, their top 50 albums, and a terrific montage of bands that were lost in 2010, likely inspired by this video from the New York Times showing the musicians who passed away last year.

NME's top 75 albums.

Rolling Stone's 30 best albums and 50 best songs.

Spin's 40 best albums and 20 best songs.

Spinner's 50 best songs, 30 best albums.

If all that is too specific, you can simply refer to Wikipedia's list of albums released in 2010.

And if reading is all too much, there's always the mash-ups:


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