Monday, January 17, 2011

Unusual acid trips

From Videosift I found a humorous clip of a 1950's LSD study with a young American housewife. It's less a study and more a casual conversation where the doctor asks the subject simple questions such as "How do you feel?" and "What do you see?" For those high on the drug however, questions like these can seem remarkably profound and require only the most philosophical and poetic response. A difficult thing to do while sober, nevermind while lost in the hallucinatory fantasy lands acid takes you to.

The video immediately reminded me of the viral video from several years ago of British soldiers on LSD. As funny as the behavior of the troops is the narrator's concise and academic description of the silliness on display.

And the less entertaining Americans:

Like the drug itself, LSD experimentation can have a dark side. Despite the general harmlessness of acid, even a stoner would agree that administering it to children is beyond irresponsible. Timothy Leary's communal living arrangement at the Millbrook Estate during the 60's saw children of the families also experiment with the drug.

I don't think we learned too much with this disturbing experiment other than cats on LSD aren't very cute.


Blogger oceanwhale said...

So it happens I am just reading the Robert Anton Wilson's Sex, Drugs & Magick. He says in the preface to the 1987 edition: "No 'external' situation makes a mental state 'inevitable'". One can even make time flow in both directions but as I grow older I hesitate more and more...

1/22/2011 4:02 PM  
Anonymous Scot said...

I might get into this guy. From a quick scan of his wiki page, I found this little gem in a discussion about one of his books:
"... I decided to satirize fundamentalist materialism for a change, because the two are equally comical... The materialist fundamentalists are funnier than the Christian fundamentalists, because they think they're rational! ...They're never skeptical about anything except the things they have a prejudice against. None of them ever says anything skeptical about the AMA, or about anything in establishment science or any entrenched dogma. They're only skeptical about new ideas that frighten them. They're actually dogmatically committed to what they were taught when they were in college..."

1/28/2011 2:37 AM  

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