Tuesday, April 17, 2007

PC Wold's most hated tech products

PC World has just released its list of the 20 most annoying tech products of all time. The list looks quite similar to last year's 25 worst tech products of all time, but it looks like this list was based on reader votes. Whether it's the ubiquitous internet startup discs, or the service itself, readers and editors both concur that the worst and most annoying tech product remains AOL: "the online service for people who don't know any better."

Careful not to strain your neck as you perpetually nod in agreement to the entries on these lists.


Blogger oceanwhale said...

On a related note, 'crapware' has entered the dictionary... Here is a suggestion on how to reduce it.

4/23/2007 3:45 PM  
Blogger Scot said...

Why do I like that word so much? Someone needs to wiki that.

4/29/2007 5:36 AM  

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