Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday Night Videos


Despite the A-list cast and big Hollywood pull, Paul Thomas Anderson's Magnolia wasn't very popular, but to many who have seen it, it's highly memorable. One of the most riveting movies of the past decade, it's a web of damaged characters, complex relationships, and some lingering and disturbing examples of loneliness. After the opening narration, Aimee Mann's spooky cover of Harry Nilsson's "One" sets the perfect tone for the movie.

The soundtrack is mainly an Aimee Mann vehicle as she performs all but a few of the songs. She received a Grammy nomination and an Academy award nomination for "Save Me," a video that has her filmed with different characters in different scenes from the movie.

The soundtrack's most beautiful song is without a doubt the haunting "Wise Up." The song occurs near the end of the movie where the characters, in various states of redemption seeking, individually sing along in a truly captivating sequence.

The few non-Aimee Mann songs include the film's score by Jon Brion and a couple of Supertramp songs: "Goodbye Stranger" and "The Logical Song." (audio only)

Tom Cruise's best role ever:

A link to the movie (missing part 5!) on YouTube.

Here's Aimee Mann 17 years ago with "I Should've Known."

And 25 years ago with 80's new wave band Til Tuesday.


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My favorite Tom Cruise is in Tropic Thunder. Watch him on the phone and in the closing credits.

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