Friday, October 22, 2010

Uncommon Knowledge

Hard to believe this series has been around for over ten years. The Hoover Institution's unrivaled current affairs talk show Uncommon Knowledge remains one of the most informative and approachable 30 minute examinations of politics and world affairs available online.

I actually found it much livelier years ago. When I first discovered the show in 2002 the format tended more to a roundtable style with two or three guests, one of them usually in political opposition to the others. Heated debates could happen, but unlike those common on the big media channels, the show and the guests were far too intelligent and mature to tolerate ridiculous arguments and talking point partisanism. Lately it has been either an interview style with a one on one format, or a discussion with two guests generally in political congruence. It's continued level of popularity is in large part a testament to erudite host and former Ronald Reagan speechwriter Peter Robinson, who carries the unenviable task of trying to pull easy answers from his guests on highly complicated topics.

Among my favorite guests is military historian and philosopher Victor Davis Hanson, who is not only a Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, but probably sets the record for most appearances on the show. Here is his latest where he talks about the post cold war new world order:

When I have discussions with others about the future of Europe, they usually go wide-eyed when I explain my prediction of another world war and possibly another holocaust. Maybe the Jews again, but maybe also the Muslims. Talking about his book America Alone, Mark Steyn explains the events that could lead up to that reality:

The latest guest is popular British MP Daniel Hannan, who became an internet star last year with his beautiful excoriation of Prime Minister Gordon Campbell. Here he warns America to resist following any European models of democracy.


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