Thursday, January 04, 2007

Some buzzy links

From WallStreetFighter:

- some cool photo posts; the world's stupidest tattoos, signs you're spending too much time on the internet, and a series of pictures of the Wall Street Bull with various picture takers. Note the well worn areas on the bull's scrotum due to repeated human touch.
- a site dedicated to the well known phenomenon of hot chicks with douchebags.
- Little Becky, the popular 8 year-old prank caller with an adorable Irish accent and incredible wit.

From the always dependable Ebaum:

- coffee art:

- sand art:

- and fork art

From Neatorama:

- the world's five smallest countries (Vatican City, Monaco, Nauru, Tuvalu, and San Marino)
- a Christmas card, contained in the following envelope, actually made it to its destination:

- a link to DoCopenhagen's top 50 music videos of 2006 (all embedded and ready to go). Number one was a favorite viral video of '06, OK Go's "Here it Goes Again"

I first saw these guys last year when they came out with this video for "A Million Ways." Strangest thing, the band dancing together like this for a music video. Nothing compared to dancing while using treadmills however.

And from the aptly named Moronland:

- 50 amazing ads you haven't seen, Hollywood coding myths, 5 math jokes, and the classic, possibly apochryphal, Niels Bohr and his physics exam.


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