Sunday, March 18, 2007

Palestinian sanity watch

Finally some cracks of resolve in Western response to terrorist minor. Despite the pointless merging of Hamas and Fatah, the U.S. is holding firm in its denial of foreign aid to the Palestinians. The two factions' temporary respite from killing each other is hardly enough of a distraction from their greater jihadist goals.

If that isn't clear enough, how about biting the hands that feeds you? After a botched kidnapping and attempted murder of a U.N. official, it looks like U.N. operations in Gaza will be scaled back. Maybe after billions of dollars and decades of time and energy wasted, the U.N. is finally beginning to notice a lost cause when it sees one.

Time will tell if the BBC will see things the same way. Though they have been extremely generous in their transmission of Palestinian propaganda, it wasn't enough to buy them abduction protection. To date there has been no update on the status of last week's kidnapping of BBC reporter Alan Johnston.

Not a good week for the Palestinians - their commitment to barbarity is starting to catch up with them.


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