Monday, July 16, 2012

Toronto Street Pianos

To mark the hosting of the 2015 Pan Am Games, Toronto has commissioned the unique art project "Play Me, I'm Yours." Symbolizing the participating nations are 41 pianos, painted by an artist from each of the countries, scattered in public places about the city. A conceptually strange, and very early, way to welcome an athletic competition, aesthetically it's a much better public art display than the ridiculous moose that infested the city a decade ago.

The Street Piano concept is the work of U.K. artist Luke Jerram. Featured in dozens of cities since 2008, the "Play Me, I'm Yours" installation is estimated to have been interacted with by over five million people worldwide, as well as inspiring some incredible stories. The one nearest to where I live, and about 20 feet from where I play volleyball each week, was painted by Oswaldo DeLeĆ³n Kantule. His piano represents Panama:


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