Thursday, January 26, 2017

Washing machine music

There's an interesting versatility to the washing machine when used as percussive instrument. Capable of different tempos, its unorthodox style can accommodate a variety of genres. Bluegrass seems to be a popular choice. Mandolin virtuoso Sierra Hull displays terrific musical chemistry with her appliance:

This fella lays down a sweet though too short jug band jam:

A much louder beat can provide a perfect death metal sound:

Last year experimental electronic musicians Matmos created a near 40 minute track with their Ultima Care II washing machine. Even with the help of some sampling and intermittent drumming (in the form of banging on the actual unit), it still comes off as more sound than music:

Hip hop could certainly benefit from some of these fresh beats. The washing machine shuffle could easily fit in among some of these:


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